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Ever wondered about the tranquility and inspiration of a terrarium?

Botanical Lane Bendigo plant workshops are about making your very own terrarium and is truly unique. Its living art!

Create your own woodland wonderland and keep it at home or in your workplace. You can find instant calm when things get stressful!

When things get hectic, look into the glass moss oasis you created. Lose yourself in the magic of the tranquil world and listen to your breathing slow, your heartbeat become more regular and your mind become calmer. Its instant therapy.

Book in one of Botanical Lane Bendigo plant and terrarium workshops, Ideal for friends and family events. Perfect for corporate and team building and planning days too.

Contact Botanical Lane to discuss staff coming to your next event or workplace, or book into one of the many workshops in Bendigo to make your own terrarium. You will be so glad you did!

Ode to a Terrarium

Within the confines of a clear glass vessel,

a terrarium exists—a self-sustaining microsystem of life.

Lush green plants, intricately arranged,

thrive in this miniature world.

Moisture clings to the glass, creating a misty veil,

as if nature itself

were suspended in time.

Delicate ferns unfurl their fronds,

while mosses spread like emerald carpets.

It is a living art,

a tranquil oasis that invites contemplation and wonder.

A complete ecosystem encapsulated,

where the cycles of growth and decay dance in perfect harmony.

A glimpse into the beauty and resilience of nature,

contained within

the palm of our hands.

E xx

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