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About Me

I am the creative Director of Botanical Lane Bendigo.


Ever since I could talk, I have had  a passion the garden and all things floral,  and am always in search of learning more. 

I love the freedom, the inspiration and wonderment that nature gives us.  Of growing and creating living art, plant therapy and incorporating plants and florals in my many crafts.   

My aim is to create workshops bringing like-minded people together to keep these heirloom crafts alive.  It's something that brings me joy. 

With my creative direction and guest teachers, we welcome you to join the Botanical Lane family.

Botanical Lane Bendigo creative Director, Elizabeth
romeo, The Assistant

Romeo ~ The Assistant

Also known as "Chief Wellness Officer"

Romeo is a lover of the great outdoors and is often found in the garden doing "research"

Prefers to work closely with Elizabeth, and can mainy be seen by her side. Is a very good listener and has a calming effect on all he meets.

He has been known to wader off at times and been found asleep on the job, so his attitude may need to be addressed at his next performance review.

He is very cute though!!

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