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Kokedama Care

Now you are a plant parent to a Kokedama, its easy to look after

follow these steps to a happy and healthy plant.

  • Water your Kokedama when its dry to touch and light to pick up. 

  • Some plants like Peace Lily will start to wilt when ready to be watered

  • Its important not to water too frequently.

  • best to water when the Kokedama is light not heavy when holding

  • Place your Kokedama in a bucket or sink 

  • submerge to almost the top, but keep stem and top of soil out of water. 

  • keep submerged for 15-20 mins

  • remove from water and gently squeeze excess water with palms of your hands towards the base

  • allow to drain on sink next hour or so before placing it back onto aerated plant stand.

  • Every 3-4 weeks place fast acting liquid fertislier in the water such as GROW

  • every 2 weeks wipe the leaves clean and spray with PROTECT to help keep pests away and leave your leaves shiny and fresh

  • place in indirect light or see your plant care instructions tag

  • enjoy

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