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Protect spay plus Leaf Cleaning gloves in a gift pack



How to use

  • 1. Strap on your gloves, grab your Protect, and give it a good shake!
  • 2. Spray your leaves thoroughly on the tops and undersides (out of bright light & only when your plant is hydrated!)
  • 3. Give your plant a good wipe down, getting into all those nooks and crannies! The beauty of these gloves is that they’re perfect for all leaves - flat-palmed for your big leaves, or just your fingertips for the little ones!
  • 4. When you’ve taken the gloves for a few rumbles in your indoor jungle, you can chuck them in the machine on a cold, hand-wash cycle!

Duo Leaf cleaning gloves and Protect Spray

  • Cleaning your leaves has never been easier! Our high-quality microfibre Leaf Cleaning Gloves are the simplest way to shine, clean, and enhance leaves of all sizes! Save time and reduce waste; these are reusable, universally sized, and machine washable. WIN, WIN,

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