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Premium twine by Scottish company Nutscene, which has been going since 1922. 


The twines is biodegradable materials, sourced from sustainable resources for over 90 years.


Ideal twine of choice for your Kokedama or garden projects,


Nutscene remains the original and best producer of quality colourful jute twines.


100% jute

Size: 250g/ approx. 130m

A 3ply twine, but with the approximate thickness of 8ply wool (about 2.5-3mm). 


Made in Scotland

Nutscene Cornflower Blue 100% Jute Twine 130 m

SKU: NSc cornflower 130
  • Perfect twine for  Kokedama.  Match colour to your decor or gift giving.

    Interested in a Kokedama workshop? 

    book into a Botanical Lane Bendigo  Kokedama workshop HERE


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